Broadstone McDowell

UX / UI Design
Project Overview
Broadstone McDowell is a luxury apartment complex located near the McDowell suburb outside of the busy city of Phoenix Arizona. The property management team came to GTMA  requesting a basic website to showcase the property before it is fully built.
My Contributions
As the UX / UI designer, my role was to confirm the information architecture with the clients on the needed pages and understand the target audience.  From my understanding I designed a clean and modern website interface that communicated the property's atmosphere.
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Broadstone McDowell is meant to represent a high standard of living but reflect the rustic outdoor nature that the complex is located at. They need a straight forward website to present the property and what amenities are offered. Because the building will not be finished till 2024, the best way to represent the property is through the brand voice.

Branding and Moodboard

Style Tiles and Wireframes

High Fidelity Mockups

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View the Adobe XD prototype.


The design that has been used for Broadstone McDowell successfully represents the overall brand voice of the property and where it is located. The rustic attributes are integrated in the UI minimally to create a sophisticated cohesion throughout the entire site.

Are you interested in seeing a more in depth look at the process?

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