Broadstone McDowell Case Study

UI/UX Website Design
Project Overview
Broadstone McDowell came to GTMA needing a website for their new luxury apartments opening in Phoenix Arizona. The website is meant to be a display of available apartments, gallery photos of the property, and a portal for interested patrons to get in contact with the property owners.
My Contributions
As the UX/UI at GTMA, my job was to develop the user-flow and design system that aligned with Broadstone McDowell’s branding and style. Working with the development department on creating a unique Wordpress theme, we were able to successfully develop an expansive website.
Project Scope:
The scope was to create a 7 page custom Wordpress website that included:
- Homepage
- Blog/Posts (2 pages)
- Floor Plans
- Map
- Gallery
- Amenities
- Create a unique website that matches the audiences needs.
- Finding fluid ways to get the user to schedule a tour or apply.
- Design a clean interface that shows off the luxury property.
- Gain traffic to the website and minimal bounce rates.
Age: 26-32 Year Old 

Lifestyle: Interested in living in the city; Enjoys night life; Drives smaller vehicles 

Occupation: Most likely works from home or in Salary: $70,000 - $100,000
Broadstone did not have much branding for this property, But they did have colors, logos, typefaces, and vague concepts. So it was time to work with with.
Competitor Websites
The Broadstone clients had an idea for what they wanted their website to look like. They based their idea on a Santa Monica Proper hotel they wanted to replicate for the McDowell website.
Concept: Chic, Airy, Modern, Minimal, Desert, "Light but not Bright", Mute, Homey
Texture: Leather, Dirt, Concrete, Stone
Style Tiles 
When deciding on style direction, I like to make several style tiles to present to the internal team. 
After a few were chosen by the web team, I was ready to execute my ideas and create homepage options for the client to choose from.

I like to then mix and arrange the element and ideas I had for the style tiles. That way I can culminate all the preferred elements from each style tile into one rockstar homepage design.
Homepage Designs
After the GTMA Web team and I decided on a style direction we wanted, I developed some homepage options to share with the client. The goal was for them to pick a direction and continue the design from the homepage option chosen.
(The three shown are the designs presented to the client)
Homepage Design 
After the client picks and comments on a direction, then I go into refining the style and developing the other pages.
Once the homepage option was decided on (above), it was time to refine my ideas and develop the design systems further in the pages.
Final Designs
Broadstone was very pleased with how the web design came out for their property. They felt that it resinated with their desired audience and they were excited for when the property can be viewed (2022).
What would I change?
Working with limited branding, and an unfinished building, makes it very challenging to design a website. What made it difficult was filling up the page with more interest for the user to see. If I had more time I would have explored more photo layout placements to fill the page up. Not having photos from the client also made it difficult to place but since photos would come in later, it would be more intriguing to have more interactions with the photos through the pages. 

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