Graphic Design Center & PSU Vanguard

Variety of layout design and illustration work
My work at the GDC & PSU Vanguard
For the last two years, I have directed the Portland State University's Graphic Design Center. I have had the privilege to work with amazing organizations and departments within the university. Before working at the GDC, I was an illustrator and layout designer for the school's newspaper, the PSU Vanguard. Check out some of my favorite projects from my work there.
New GDC Website
In 2020 when the GDC transitioned to mostly remote functions, it came to my attention that a new website will help make our organization more accessible in a digital environment. Over the summer of 2020, I designed and implemented a new functioning website where anyone can look at our work as well as contact the GDC for design services. It has been successful in gaining awareness and new clients to our organization.
We offer a variety of work to student orgs and PSU departments. Feel free to check us our and what we do!
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Logo and Branding
PSU Association Of African Students
The PSU Association of African Students needed a new logo for their organization. They needed something that represented African culture's diverse identities while having a welcoming side for new members. I developed a logo displaying diversity through fingerprints and taking inspiration from traditional African wax block printing.
PSU Lifting Club
The PSU Lifting Club came to me needing a new brand for their club. They needed a brand that showed they are a fun-loving athletics club but not contributing to the "macho" culture that athleticism can have. My client came to me with a character sketch for the brand. From there, I came up with a logo and brand that represents the PSU lifting club as a fun, modern, and inclusive group.
Transportation Research and Education Center
TREC requested an infographic design from a recent study they conducted about cyclist comfortability in traffic proximity. The infographic is designed so that city planners and traffic planners can better plan bikeways so that cyclists are more comfortable on intersected roads. In the end, the hope is to contribute to a more sustainable future, because the more comfortable cyclist is, the more people are willing to ride bikes rather than automobiles. The idea was to show and explain cyclists' types and represent the best practices and why for intersection design.
PSU Food Pantry
The PSU Food pantry is a fantastic organization at the university, and they are helping students suffering from food insecurity. They came to me with the issue that fewer people were coming to the food pantry. In conducting questionnaires in the school, the organizer of the food pantry and I found that that the three most common issues were; that students thought others needed it more; students were not aware that the pantry changed their 'check-out' system, so the wait was shorter; or that the students were not qualified to go to the pantry. The poster series was designed to be fun and welcoming, letting every student know that they should use the food pantry.
PSU Vanguard
In my junior year of PSU, I had the privilege to work for the PSU Vanguard, working as an illustrator and layout designer. The Vanguard is a weekly publication that is student-run and produced under the university. I designed several stories for the paper and worked side by side with copywriters—the work to be delivered quickly and with little to no errors. Illustrations were generally open-ended according to style; however, all designs had to be approved by the Vanguard art director.

The display on the right is the most successful page illustration and design that I produced for the Vanguard.

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