Portland State Graphic Design Center (GDC)

Art Direction - Graphic Design
Role Overview
As the Student Director of the University Graphic Design Center, my primary responsibility was to oversee the day-to-day operations of the center and manage a team of student designers. I worked closely with faculty advisors and the center's advisory board to plan and execute projects that further the mission of the center, which is to provide high-quality print and digital design services to students, faculty, and staff across the university.
My Contributions
Outside of directing a team of design students, my role also included overseeing project workflows, ensuring timely delivery of designs, conducting design reviews, and providing constructive feedback to team members. It was crucial to maintain a high level of quality control on all center projects.

In 2019 we launched a full website to communicate our mission and make an easier way for clubs and departments request design services. However, after I graduated, the GDC has now been merged with the Student Leadership department in 2022.

In 2020 I instated a significant discount of design services for student clubs and organizations that promote cultural diversity and human rights. I had a delightful experience working with the PSU Association of African Students in creating branding material and logo design for the club. The logo communicates their mission of representing Africa as a highly diverse and multi cultural continent.

Logo designs were the most common request for the GDC. This particular design was a favorite of mine. The mission of the club was to change the perception of the lifting culture and make a space where all levels of fitness are welcome.

PSU Academic Board | At a Glance
PSU Board of Treasury | At a Glance

Another very common request that was consistent with the GDC was the layout design for infographics and annual reports.

PSU Transportation Research and Education Center
Cyclist and Comfortability With Drivers

During my time with the GDC, I have had the pleasure to work closely with the PSU Food Pantry. I worked with them to design fun posters to communicate to students that they are welcome ALWAYS to access the Food Pantry.

TEAM PHOTO: Rosemary(Me), Michael (Front Left), Tyler (Back Left), Trudy (Back Right), Sarah (Back Center)

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