App Design UX/UI
Project Overview
WeatherBug is an esteemed app for checking detailed weather reports. Many users enjoy the accuracy and in-depth look at weather information; however, the app's main complaint is that the UI is messy and necessary information seems buried. In this project, I update WeatherBug's user flow and interface for the app's more successful use for both the everyday user and the informed user.
My Contributions
In this project, I focus on reworking WeatherBug's informational design into a clean interface and experience. By utilizing simple colors, space, and hierarchy, the systematic information much more comfortable for the user to view and understand.
Facts about weather apps
80% of smartphone users check weather apps daily.

Most people check to see what the weather will be on their mobile phones. The most common reason when asked why is to plan for the day or future events.

More people are interested in ease of use rather than aesthetic.

According to a study done by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, users base their preferred weather app on ease of use rather than the look.

Why do smartphone owners download third party weather apps?

Because they link a more interesting look than the default apps. Decisions are based on design first and ease of use fallows.

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User Personas

Tyler Lee

- Tyler is a 22 years old.

- Lives in upstate NY. He is going to college and getting a creative degree.

- Really cares about his shoes and the few nice clothes that he has.

- He wants to know what the weather will be every hour and day so he can dress for the occasion.

- Get's very annoyed when weather apps are not accurate or hard to navigate.

Preferences: Accuracy; navigate layout; Details description

Michelle Anderson

- Michelle is 36 and lives in San Fransisco, California.

- She travels often for work.

- Michelle likes apps that are easy and quickly give important information.

- Very busy so needs does not care for the clutter that many weather apps have.

- Hates wasting time.

Preferences: Easy navigation; Get the bullet points; Have multiple places on hand

Grace Gonzalez

- Grace is 29 and lives in Portland, Oregon.

- She is getting her masters meteorology at PSU.

- She finds the history of weather patterns and current weather maps are interesting.

- Grace hates that in depth wether apps can be dull and wished they were more interesting to look at.

Have details maps; History of weather patterns; pleasing user interface

User Flow
UI System
Designing for Sensitivity
Because the users had such a strong opinion about poorly the UI was executed in the design that it deterred them from the app. The decision was to create an approachable style to the app that would reference a more common style. Looking into other apps I found that the default weather app on the Iphone and AccuWeather were the most successful in visually executing rich data on a small platform.
Designing User Interfaces in Emotionally-Sensitive Applications
I decided to create a blue color scheme to stand out from other weather applications and give a breath of fresh air to the user. Blue is known to be a calming color and the intent to display clarity to the user and a relaxed feeling when entering the app. It also helps to boost other alerting colors like red and orange; highlighting sunshine and weather warnings. 
HEX: 2e75f6
HEX: 313b41
HEX: eb5428
HEX: 87868c
HEX: ae2519
HEX: eff6fe
How to get WeatherBug noticed?
Now that WeatherBug has a new look to it, it also needs to be promoted where future users would need to see it. Airports and transportation centers are great to advertise weather apps because many travelers want to know the of weather and to expect during travel or at their destination.