Web Design
Project Overview
Paiku is a small restaurant located in the heart of the North Portland area. The assignment for this project in my UI/UX class was to redesign a current restaurant's website. I decided to choose Paiku because it is one of my favorite places to have brunch; their breakfast dishes include various tasty vegetables, and the mimosas are cheap! Besides the delicious items on the menu,  their website was outdated and needed a new look to represent who they were.
My Contributions
The changes I made  focused mostly on the new way of ordering food 'to go'. The users should feel like they are stepping side the restaurant when going on the website despite ordering out or deciding to dine in. The focus is on the information about the Paiku, contacting, and ordering for pickup. I also included customized illustrations and a welcoming color palette. With these changes in the website's mood and functionality, Paiku is brought into the restaurant industry's modern world.
User Personas
Personality/ Lifestyle/ Needs

Madison Lane

- Madison is 34 and has a logistic position at a Portland hospital.

- She lives by herself in her NE apartment and enjoys going out to brunch on the weekends with a small group of friends.

- She like’s suggesting Paiku because it's location and nice for the price point of the food and drinks.

Preferences: Pleasing ascetic; Good price for quality; Impressive to friends; social media worthy

Carol and Steve Hamilton

- Carol and Steve are in they'er early 60’s and have just retired to their home in St. Johns.

- They like going out for breakfast every once and awhile and they prefer going to Paiku because its close.

- They usually like to go early in the morning during the week because it the least busy and they find it such an enjoyable way to start their day.

Preferences: Quiet; Healthy Food; Pick-up available

Anthony and Thomas

- Anthony and Thomas are a couple both in their mid 40’s.

- They don't care for the small dining room in Paiku so they then to grab pastries and coffee drinks to go.

- It's only a couple blocks from John's Park so its easy to get breakfast and take their dog out for a walk.

Preferences: In the Neighborhood; Pastries and Coffee; Pick up available.

Color Palette & Type Choices
Style and systems
Upgrading the Look
Restaurants are a flooded market in Portland so it is important to stand out. Having an upgraded look will make Paiku stand out in St.Johns area. In an area that has various restaurants open in recent years, Paiku will be able to highlight itself as a unique place of its own.
Paiku is located in the heart of St. Johns, surrounded by tree-rich parks and misty morning due to its close proximity to the Columbia River. It is important that the color and type related to the restaurant also represents the community of St. Johns. Oregon is also known for it’s perfect environment to grow rich greens like, kale, arugula, and spinach wish are common ingredients used in Paiku’s brunch dishes.

HEX: #515151
RGB: 81, 81, 81

HEX: #354834
RGB: 53, 72, 52

RGB: 225, 252, 249

RGB: 255, 243, 225

User Flow
Navigating through the website
Low Fidelity Wireframes
Finalized Website