The Goal

Motion graphics & story development
Project Overview
The project was to create a one minute motion graphics piece for my motion design class. The project was open-ended to anything we wanted to make, so I decided to create a simple animated short. I made the simple story of a girl who is practicing to be better at soccer.
My Contributions
I based this project from my love comic books and soccer. My intention for the project was to create a story out of one moment, have a meaningful sentiment, and be something most can relate to.  

Colors and shapes were influenced by Latin muralist like Marlon Pruz and Farid Rueda. All transitions were based around comic-book action transitions to add to the childish wonder and pride that the character feels. The music was made through Garageband with my creative partner Michael Crafts.
The following are images of some of the process work during the project. The main applications used for the project were Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Aftereffects, and Garageband.
The work that went behind the animated short: