Rancher + SUSE Iconography

Iconography Redesign
Project Overview
SUSE and Rancher are both software companies that are merging. Rancher was bought by SUSE and had completely different branding styles and needed to transition to the company's style. That is when they hired GTMA for help!
My Contributions
As the UX/UI designer, my job was to follow the Suse branding and recreate over 40 icons for the SUSE and Rancher transition. By researching the branding guidelines on SUSE and icon attributes. After the auditing process, I dissected the elements of the Rancher icons and represent the SUSE branding style.
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Rancher Branding

SUSE Branding


A major challenge to transition the iconography style from Rancher to SUSE, comes from the fact to change vector illustrations to line work. My focus is to understand the subtleties and overall elements that make SUSE icons fit so well into the brand. The next thing will be to apply said elements into the Rancher illustrations.


Final Designs

Are you interested in seeing a more in depth look at the process?


After completing this project, I was informed that they also hired various designers to do the exact same scope and SUSE would apply the one that they liked best. I am very proud of how this project came out although my designs were not chosen. This project gave me a much better understanding of icon design and how far I can take complex visuals to simple icons. I find this project to be a success!

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