App Logo Design
Project Overview
TechAssist is a new software addition to technician’s working in DTNA applications. By installing the TechAssist app, technicians can attach photos and voice-to-text information of the truck’s repair straight to the mainframe system.
My Contributions
As the designer on the team, my role was to create a new logo to help better represent the new application. In a short timeline I created a new design that modernized and represented the functionality that TechAssist offers.
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Timing was one of the larger obstacles in this design process. The turn-around time was one week to understand the functionality and users of TechAssist and create a logo that represents the utility that the app provides.

Old Design
- Utilizing the color combination and Font style.

- Remove the circle and any unnecessary design features (such as the stroke on letters.
New Design
- Added saturation of colors to improve visibility on screens.
- Utilized the Daimler Typeface in the design.
- Improved structure for size differences and applied styles (for diverse backgrounds).

Working with TechAssist

While technicians are working on an operation, they will be able to utilize the speech to text functionality to easily and quickly write their Techstory. This can copy on all platforms that DTNA uses to document operation status.


In the end, the logo was approved by the DTNA and it is now the face of TechAssist. Once the application is fully launched, over 10,000 technicians will have access to TechAssist in North America.

Are you interested in seeing a more in depth look at the process?

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