TrueUp Hanging Solutions

UI/UX Website Design
Project Overview
The creative team and website team at GTMA were assigned to work on a branding, marketing, team for the release of a new invention called TrueUp. TrueUp is a picture hanging solution that does not damage walls or paint. 
My Contributions
As the UI/UX designer on the team, my job was to create a user experience that allowed the user to get a full idea and purchase the products; I also needed to create an interactive space where the brand can live and highlight the product. By working with the Head of Web Development, we were able to make these goals happen.

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What Is TrueUp?
TrueUp is a tool that makes an adhesive attachment for picture frames to hang on the wall without damage. Essentially it is a series of adhesives and metal mounts that allow any picture frame to be hung, moved or stay for long periods of time.
Created by Freepik
- Takes a lot of photos
- Changing photos as kids grow older
- Changing décor arrangements
Created by Freepik
- Needs deposits when moving.
- Do not stay in one place for too long.
- Usually young adults.
Created by Freepik
College students 
Cannot nail anything into the dorm wall.
Saving money so keeping rent deposits in mind. 
Will most likely move out of the dorms.
Color Choices
To ensure we had a system that was going to work for most users I wanted to see what colors were accessible in the brand.

Black and the dark blue in the color pallet were the only accessible colors for the website, in the use of highlighting text. In this case I decided to use the blue for interactive indications.
* Typeface: Bilo (Adobe Typekit)
Style Tile/ Guide
12 Collum Grid - Width 16px

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TrueUp Hanging Solutions
Fun. Exciting. Different.
The design for TrueUp is to hold the brand message across the website. By using patterns, symbols, and colors the user sees that this is more than a utility product.
Curating a unique experience
Most competitors do not brand themselves in such a bright and vibrant way. Using the branding assets in a strong way, both the brand and product have life to it. Although TrueUp is a product for utility, the design needed to include the human connection of what connects us with photos.
Let's Make it Easy
The website is simple and so is the navigation. Whether the user gets to the site by google or from the QR code in the instructions sheet, they are able to find all things TrueUp and photo hanging related.

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What did I learn from this project
Harmonious photography is vital for a brand identity. Especially living on a website together.

Remind the branding team to keep in mind accessibility so the website can be more cohesive with the brand.

There is a fine balance of too much information on a page and not enough. Desitle information to what is most important and what the user mostly cares about.

Although this is a small website, it could grow more at some time. It might be good to think of future or more alternative button states so the brand voice can continue.

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