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Project Overview
Weatherbug is known to be one of the most efficient and accurate weather tracking application on the market. However, it also has a long list of complaints in the app store that it is poorly designed.
My Contributions
For a personal project, I took on the assignment that I would reinvent the UX and UI of the application to better relate to interested patrons. As a designer I completed an entire audit to recreate the overall UX and designed my iconography to give a fresh take on weather applications.

User Personas

Planners: The audience that contains the users interested in getting a quick update of the weather for the day or week. The need access down to the hours up to 10 days out.

Travelers: Some users are interested in the multiple locations in their roster. They need to be able to move through different locations fluently and see the difference weather in the report.

In the "Know": A smaller portion of users are interested in the weather patters, locally and around the world. It will be important to have those maps accessible to the user for interest and better tracking of weather events.


Weatherbug will be information heavy so that means it is essential to have clear type hierarchy and and intuitive UI to communicate to the user of the numerous features. Color contrast and theory will also play an important role to layer components, which will also add a better visual communication.


After completing the digital product design project for Weatherbug, I feel that the deign gives a much more modern and enhanced user experience. The amount of variable information at times overwhelming, however the use of a flexible design system made the creation of this project very manageable and easily explainable.

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